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The Annoying Quirks of Godot’s Kinematic Bodies

To be clear, I like Godot and am impressed by how far it has come as an open-source game engine. I am quite confident Juan Linietsky is much more brilliant than I. Just because I’m being critical of something, however, this doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I just believe in constructive criticism. Nothing changes if nobody ever talks about it. Also, while I’m focused only on 2D right now, I believe much of this applies to 3D as well. This applies to Godot 3. I haven’t looked at where Godot 4 is headed with all this.

I am currently wrapping up the pain of porting a game to Godot that I first prototyped in Phaser. In brief, Phaser became so annoying to work with that I went looking for another engine that gave me easy access to the browser as a platform (via WebAssembly preferably). I landed on Godot — an engine I’d been poking at for years but hadn’t done much with yet.

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