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Video Games

The landing page for my video games is on here:

GRITS Racing

A “mad as eating nails” party game that happens to also be the most realistic TD/2D racer to date.

Now available on both and Steam.

GRITS Racing logo and two "Billy Bub" cars engaged

GRITS Racing is meant to be an 8-player, family-friendly, cartoony party game first, and racing game second.  I put a ton of effort into the car physics to try to produce something new out of the old top-down 2D racer genre.  Getting the skid marks to be both beautiful and permanent wasn’t easy either.

Pogo Bug

A simple-but-challenging game of swiping down to jump up.

Pogo Bug triple screenshot

Available for Android on Google Play.

Could build for iOS but, well, $$$.

River Raid Squadron

This is my simultaneous-multiplayer mod of Carol Shaw’s classic River Raid.

Animated GIF of two-player River Raid Squadron

Graphics updated to Atari 7800 specs.

Landing Party of Legend

“Dead people are going to die.”

Landing Party of Legend animated screen capture

An amusing retro-adventure game of red-shirt-style attrition.

Play  online.

Escape from Paradise

Escape from Paradise screenshot

A mini-game from the Global Game Jam 2017.

Play online.

Board Games

Okay, so you can’t “look at” or play these yet… but you could nudge me to publish them.


Photo of bushishima board game set up on a table

A game of samurai politics and warfare.

I need more time in the week to finish stuff like this.

Rally Cards

[todo: add photo, etc.]

Small, simple, done (pretty much), but still untested.