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Fixing Up Old (Sierra) Computer Games

Finally!  Another post going back to what I originally intended this blog for, sort of: Supporting old tech for no apparent reason… other than to get the musings out of my head or the white papers off my old floppies.

The Short of It

It is “most excellent” to announce the return of some Windows 95 games by Sierra and Dynamix to Windows 7… and Windows 8… and even Windows 10!  (Maybe Windows Vista too, but: Who cares?)

For those of you not interested in any long-windedness or boring backstory, here is the link to the current home of the patches wiki:

Click here for my complete
Sierra game install instructions and
RBXIT Win7 patches at

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How to Install CorelDRAW! 3 on Large Hard Drives

Here’s a blast from the past that I am quite confident no one will have any use for.  The earliest date on this file shows 15 September 2001 but I am sure it is much older.  2001 was probably the last time I used this info to install CorelDRAW! 3 in brain dead Windows ME. Continue reading How to Install CorelDRAW! 3 on Large Hard Drives