Monthly Archives: November 2014

Bamboo and Git-flow by Example-ish

Results of my testing with Bamboo and trying to find the best way to work with it using a git-flow branching model.


Hot into testing with Jenkins and trying to get it to bend Git to my will, I got suspicious that there must be a better deployment tool than the various Jenkins plugins that get unwieldy quickly (especially when accounting for enterprise-level user management).  See my previous post for more on Jenkins and Git.  Anyhow, I took a look at what Bamboo was selling and decided to spin up a free trial. Continue reading Bamboo and Git-flow by Example-ish

Jenkins and Git at Plaid Speed

Why mouse around with a funny Git Parameter Plugin when you can have something that shows a current list of branches and tags?

Why clone another copy of your Git repository to your Jenkins server when all you need is the code tree to build and deploy?

Following the lead in a Jenkins plugin comment by Pawel Ratajczak, I instead used the Extensible Choice Parameter plugin to launch an inline Groovy script to fetch current tag and branch data directly from a remote Git repo and present the list of choices to the user.  I then execute a git-archive command to fetch only the tip code and none of the Git repo metadata and historic data. Continue reading Jenkins and Git at Plaid Speed