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How Bushido Blade Cheated!

Bushido Blace cover art USA

I’m a long-time fan of Bushido Blade (1997) by Light Weight for the PlayStation.  Huge fan.  Likewise, with Bushido Blade 2 (1998) but, for simplicity of this article, I’ll focus on just the first game even though the same cheats apply to the second as well.

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Board Game Simulation and 40-point Multi-touch Table Computers

Matt Jernigan

May 2014


Air hockey. I read some product reviews recently of an air hockey game on a large touch computer. Even though the game and hardware appear like they have a ways to go before they are ready for prime time (the game has difficulty keeping up with rapid gestures) the application of the game to table computers is obvious… and appealing.

Similarly, I have seen photos of more than one foosball game for table computers. While I have not read any reviews on these games, just imagining how the controls work makes a good study of what may be possible with table computers and simulations. It got me thinking about the subtleties of usability and control in simulators running on such computers versus the real thing. More specifically, and more importantly, it also got me thinking about the shortcomings of such simulators and how to overcome and/or move beyond them to increase their appeal in spite of themselves. Continue reading Board Game Simulation and 40-point Multi-touch Table Computers