Shifting Into Mobile

Today I started work at a new job, in a new direction, with Mobiquity.  As such, I’m about to take a deep dive into what my new employer says is the 5th major technology wave: mobile.  Coming from an enterprise background of relational database architecture and full-stack development, it will be an intriguing shift in my life to see how the past best practices of enterprise data management translates into leveraging the micro data universes contained in our mobile devices and the networks that connect them.  Smart devices aren’t just cute gadgets for startups anymore.  The big players in the enterprise world are feeling the threat of what innovations a small, but critical mass, of mobile app developers can build — either out of pure intent, or out of sheer luck of cheap trial and error.  Mobile technology hasn’t just brought a platform of free speech and cheap access to a worldwide audience of listeners, it has also brought cheap collaboration on finding new ways for mobile tech to exploit itself and grow itself.

Any company that has been around a while, however, is fully aware that it must adapt or die.  Those that have been around a long while have likely already done this many times.  Thus, they are no strangers to change (even though we sometimes like to poke fun at the giants that fail to adapt, or cannot adapt, and fall).  Therefore, it may be a fascinating new chapter in my life to begin to look at what exactly enterprises are doing to survive this mobile technology wave that we are now in the middle of.  Who will survive by bringing their awesome internal creative forces to bear on searching for innovation?  Who will survive by bringing their awesome monetary forces to bear on buying smaller companies that prove successful enough to become a threat?

It’s a lot to think about… so I think I will start by sleeping on it.

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