1 thought on “A += A[..]; B **= C[..];

  1. Okay, fine, here’s the deal:

    We like to think we work with sophisticated people… until we see the messes they leave behind in the code (and in the bathrooms)!

    Tell your boss to stop hiring monkeys with this code metaphor. If your boss gets it and doesn’t fire you on the spot, you’re in good hands. If you do get fired, or become the target of monkey turds, well, at least you went down stating it like it is (if you’re geeky enough to grok it).

    Literal translation: A adds itself to a range of A; B empowers itself with a range of C.

    Figurative translation: A people hire A people; B people hire C people.

    Who said it first? Not Steve Jobs. Not Bill Gates. Perhaps John Stumpf. We may never know.

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